.38 Special is coming to Duluth at the Clyde on Thursday with two other great bands, Boogie Wonderland, and Tempted Fate. If you don't have your tickets, buy them here. Alright, that being said, I have been talking to people when I make appearances and they all ask me, what's my favorite song by the band. So Here goes

These are not in any particular order, just my 5 favs.


"Caught Up In You" This was the first song I heard by the band, I used to listen to Casey Kasem late at night and heard this one on the charts and loved it. Made me want to find out more about this cool, excuse me KOOL band.



"If I'd Been The One"  To me this one still has the feel of their music but a few changes. Love the melody and the story.



"Rockin' Into The Night" C'mon, this song rocks!! How could you not like this song. Makes me want to sing along. Don Barnes, the lead singer, told me people sing the chorus with him louder than he does and sometimes he just backs away from the mic.


"Back Where You Belong" This one has more emotion than most of their songs, and great melody.



"Hold on Loosely" contains one of rock's far too well-known guitar riffs. Within seconds when you hear the riff, you know. Most likely, you are already singing the melody before the song starts.