Guys, would you drive a "Smartcar" wrapped like this ? Girls, would you ride in this car?  Would you test it out for a day for free? Lets see, you can take it for girls nite out on Friday, shopping & errands on Saturday, and drive this puppy to the first row in the church parking lot on Sunday!

This Valentine's Day, why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your car doors? That's why Smart USA is apparently thinking in rolling out six romantic wrap designs that they hope make their little cars the perfect gift to a loved one.

After a Japanese designer rolled out a Smart Fortwo wrapped to make it look like chocolate, the Smart USA crew went to work to see if they could find some cool designs that might work for this country. Their answer is a series of unique looks, widely different, but all in keeping with the love theme.

For instance, a couple have stylized hearts on the doors. One is more direct, plastering the car in "I love you" in script and in different languages. Still another is a repeating design that says "Wrapped in love." For another car, they might come off as silly. But the microcar looks pretty good in the wraps.

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