To say it is a tap dance show is doing the show a disserviec. This is Tap, Singing, Percussion, a Rock Concert, Talent show,'s  a show like no other, it's a Rhythmic Circus. November 1st, they come to the Mitchell Auditorium.

After years of selling out venues on its national tour, Feet Don’t Fail Me Now continues its rise from an underground percussive dance phenomenon to one of the most popular tap shows since Tap Dogs. Featuring rapid-fire tap from four award-winning dancers, a one-man beat-box phenomenon and an infectious six-piece band that channels everything from funk to blues, and rock and roll to salsa, audiences of all ages agree that it excites, energizes and inspires at every turn.


Feet Don't Fail Me Now is the story of Rhythmic Circus, a group of desperately excited and uniquely talented tap dancers who are on a mission to do no less than inspire every single man, woman, and child on earth to find the hidden dancer that lives inside of them.

Through a series of songs, monologues, and the investigative work of beatboxing narrator Bobert C. Case, Rhythmic Circus journeys through the paroles of reality while clinging to their lofty mission. All the while being guided by the music of the band that orchestrates the soundtrack of their imaginations!

From hopeless love to soulful melodies, they take you from their childhood baseball practice all the way to the "Big Top Circus" of their rhythmic dreams! It is a wildly creative take on tap dance, music and the inspiring energy that comes from putting the two together in every walk of life, in every genre of music, in every way imaginable!

See them for yourself, below with the video, and November 1st.

Cost:$20.00 for adults; $15.00 dollars for seniors; $10.00 for children and $5.00 for CSS Students with ID
Contact:Spotlight Box Office
Contact Phone:(218) 723-7000, (877) 263-9596
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