2017-2018 Official Wisconsin Highway Map Now Available
Do people still use road maps?  I do - and I get guff about it from my co-workers.  Sure, I recognize the convenience of a digital map available via the internet, cellphone, or a device like Tom Tom;  I've even used digital maps.  However, I like having a paper road map and …
Wisconsin Runs Out Of License Plate Number Combinations
Something significant is about to happen!  According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, their agency is about to run out of available three-letter/three-number combinations.  A post and story on their Facebook page suggests that the current set-up has lasted for about 31 years …
Where Are Roundabouts Located In Wisconsin?
Last summer the Twin Ports received its first roundabout - at the foot of the Bong Bridge on the Wisconsin side.  Until that intersection went round, the closest roundabout was just to the west of Ashland on Highway 2.
Wisconsin DOT Officials Remind Drivers To Use Their Headlights
With our recent rounds of snow and with winter driving fresh on  the minds of a lot of drivers, officials with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are reminding everyone of the need to use their headlights in darkness of when weather conditions warrant the visibility;  Vehicles need to have t…

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