Get Your Picture Taken By The 22 Foot Snowman Near Kettle River
My Facebook friend Pam (thank you, Pam) told me about an amazing snowman near Kettle River, one much, much bigger than in the picture above.  This is a 22.5 foot snowman located a mile south of Kettle River on Highway 73. The man who constructed it says you're welcome to come get your pict…
Winter And Cold Weather Tips For Your Pets
We've all heard how unsafe it is to leave your pet in a hot car in the Summertime. The Winter and the cold that comes with it presents it's own challenges. Here are a few tips that will help your pet during the freezing months ahead.
8 Most ‘Duluth’ Ways to Warm Up This Winter
Twin Ports residents are hearty people. Heck, we wear shorts on the first 30 degree day after a cold snap. While we handle the cold well, that doesn't mean we don't need to find ways to keep warm. Here are the 8 most "Duluthy" ways to get and stay warm this winter...
Northland Winter Running, What Should I Wear? [VIDEO]
Whether you're training for an upcoming Spring or Summer race or your New Year's resolution involves a commitment to exercise more, running during our Northland winters is possible, if you dress properly.  I've learned from experience and this quick video will show you what I wea…

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