How To Keep Food Safe For The Big Game Northland Style
There's a football game coming up this weekend apparently - even though the folks with the National Football League don't want you to specifically mention the name of the end-of-season championship.  Many people celebrate these sort of games with parties that involve food of some sort.  While I'm no…
Duluth-Superior Winter Bridge Etiquette 101
So you may have noticed that we get a little snow and ice here in the Twin Ports from time to time.  The average winter brings measurable snow every couple of days with at least 3 or 4 major snow events for the season.  You may have also noticed that our Twin Ports community is divided by the St. Lo…
MNDOT Installs Plow Cams On Their Snowplow Fleet
Northlanders looking for a different perspective on road conditions can now access the view from the crews battling the worst that Mother Nature throws our way.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation made the announcement that they have installed plow cams on some of  their 838 snowpl…
What Was It Like To Be A Kid In Winter In Duluth/Superior
When I was a kid, there was a lot of the Duluth Heights that were undeveloped, that made for some great sliding places. I used to slide down the hill at Cathedral, now Marshall High School. There was a huge hill, the football field was just a practice field and Mars wasn't there yet.
City Of Superior Opens Municipal Ski Trails On January 13
Winter outdoor enthusiasts - the time has come:  The City of Superior will open the municipal ski trails on Friday, January 13.  Residents and non-residents are invited to cross-county ski on the multi-use trails;  there is even a specific section for skijoring.
Salt Or Sand: What Impacts Plow Truck Decisions?
In a winter where we've seen pretty messy driving conditions - a question often comes up:  Why do the plow trucks sometimes use sand and sometimes use salt when treating the roadways.  The answer has a lot to do with science and temperature conditions.
Duluth’s Alternate Side Parking Makes Snow Removal Easier
The Duluth Police Department is reminding residents about the importance of abiding by the Alternate Side Parking Regulations that are in effect for the city.  While the law is important all year long, it gets spotlighted this time of year when crews are busy trying to remove snow from the streets; …

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