Popular Weed Killer Found In Air And Water Tests
Here's disturbing news that the products we use around the house really do come back to haunt us.  U.S. government scientists released recent test results showing high levels of Glyphosate in the air and water in two states;  Glyphosate is commonly known as Round Up Weed Killer on the…
Things We Buy That Used To Be Free
Think of all the services that don’t exist anymore. Remember someone would clean your windshield and gas up your car for free. Now, IF it’s offered it’s costly. Making money has become far more important than giving good customer service. How about thi…
Waterspouts Form Off Australian Coast [VIDEO]
Mother Nature threw Australian residents a curve ball Monday when four waterspouts, well, sprouted off the New South Wales coast.
Cameras caught the stunning - and admittedly scary-looking - event, which occurred just north of Sydney. (A local news station claimed the spouts reached upwards of 600 me…
Keeping Mississippi Floodwaters Out Of New Orleans
To have flood water rise over the levees could  be another catastrophe for New Orleans. Just seeing the light of day in some parts of the town, while many other parts are still devastated from Katrina, this  could be a blow from which the Crescent City might never be the same.