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The Worst Family Places To Eat
Looking for a cheap "family friendly" place to eat. You might be surprised where the worst and where the best places are. Consumer Reports recently ranked “family-friendly” eateries — meaning they’re typically informal, cater to ki…
FEMA Uses “Waffle House Index” To Rank Hurricane Recovery
Although they do use more scientific tools, one of the ways the Federal Emergency Management Agency tracks hurricane destruction is through the local Waffle House Index.
Waffle House Inc. has 1,600 restaurants stretching from the mid-Atlantic to Florida and across the Gulf Coast, leaving it particula…
Man Found Living on Top of Waffle House
An air conditioner repairman made a startling discovery while doing work at a Waffle House in Atlanta, Georgia.
According to reports, he found a man living on the roof of the Gordon Highway location. Authorities were quickly notified, and police and firemen were called in to bring him down.