What Happened, Harry Shearer Is Leaving The Simpsons
The Simpsons will be losing one of their core voice actors. Harry Shearer has announced he is leaving the show. The squabble as he says it, came when he was told he couldn't work on any outside projects, but the producers disagree. According to TMZ it's because of merchandising payments.
What Is Your Best Impression, What These Stars With Spot On Copies
I wasn't blessed with the deep pipes that most male jocks get to talk on the air. Early in my career I had to come up with something to make me valuable. It came to me by mistake. The client a 4 voice ad and there was only me and it had to start the next day. So I did all the voices, the client…
Deep Voiced Men More Attractive To Women
There's a reason Barry White was so successful with his seductive music.  New research shows that women remember men with deeper voices better than those with a higher-pitched tone.
Women are very sensitive to the pitch of a voice and will remember a deep voice above higher tones...