Do You Know What This Was Used For?
Do you remember these? I was in Rhineland, WI with my sister at The Vintage Thrift Shop and ran across so many things that took us back to our childhood. Salt and Pepper shakers, knick knacks and games that were at our mother’s house. We laughed when we she picked up this item and sa…
The 90’s Are Officially “Vintage”
According to the group of people who officially call things "vintage", clothes and accessories from the 90s can now officially be called "vintage". I don't know how you get the authority to call things the way you see them, but they have this power. So, this means all the old peo…
Eddie’s Studebaker
My friend Eddie was cool. He drove a 7 up truck when I was a kid. I would watch Eddie take a case of empty 7up bottles and throw them up to the top of the truck with one hand. They landed perfectly right in line with the other empty cases. That's cool to watch for a kid.