Van Halen

David Lee Roth Finishes New Album Watch Him Sing “Happy”
"Happy" is a song written by Pharrell Williams, but I have seen many versions of it on the internet, this one is the strangest. Of course you have to listen to David Lee Roth talk a little about himself, but you can hear a version of David doing it then he sings with a vocal band.
Watch Rayman’s 5 Favorite Guitar Solos [VIDEO]
I've loved guitar solos ever since I watched McGuinn of the Byrds pick his twelve string Rickenbacker, and Zal Yanofsky of the Lovin Spoonful play a screamin solo, then fall off the stage into the crowd and not miss a note. I thought it might be a fun idea for me to share my favorites with you.…
This Guy Was Supposed To Be In Van Halen, And Turned Them Down
Who is this guy, and why would you ever turn down Van Halen. First, a little history andhow he fits in. Van Halen started with David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, Alex Van Halen, and Eddie Van Halen. Once the band finished 1984 with the huge hit "Jump", David Lee Roth quit, or was Fir…

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