Deepak Chopra Tells Twitter Detractor to ‘Shut Up’
Deepak Chopra has written over 60 books, mostly about the importance of connecting one’s spirit to the body and mind, and he often speaks about how ridding oneself of negative emotions can lead to better health and wellbeing.
And on Tuesday, Chopra used his Twitter account to blow off a little of tha…
Rapture Chatter Invades Twitter: Today’s Top Tweets
As May 21, the day a loosely organized Christian ministry predicts to be Judgment Day, approaches, comedians and the every-day Tweeter took to the Internet to poke fun at the idea of a rapture occurring this weekend.
Below are some of the funniest tweets about the rapture. Today's top tweets includes…
Happy Birthday Twitter, 10 Top Tweets Of Past 5 Years.
I don't tweet as much as I used to. Maybe my twitter is just tweeted out. Mom said that would happen. That, and it will make you cross-eyed. Millions of tweeters, continue to tweet their little hearts out however, and here are the top ten twitter tweets of the past five years. Say it real fast, top …
Social Networking Leads To Sex Faster?
Your on Facebook right? Me too, along with many other millions of people. I found this article interesting because of it's focus on something that many of us (myself included) hadn't really thought about.