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St. Luke’s Building Work Closes 10th Avenue East Temporarily
Drivers who find their route near St. Luke's Hospital will have a road closure to deal with over the next month. Work on the Lakeview Building at 1001 E Superior Street will close 10th Avenue East as it approaches the area - now through December 22. The project will also necessitate the closu…
Husky Energy Closes $435 Million Calumet Deal
There's a new owner in town! Canadian-based Husky Energy closed on their bid to buy the Calumet refinery in Superior. The $435 million deal was finalized on Wednesday. According to company spokespeople, Husky expects to keep the current workforce - which numbers around 180 people.
Superior’s Calendar Parking Gets A Review
An ordinance that has been in effect since 1991 will get a review tonight at the Superior City Council meeting. The Calendar Parking Rule that guides residents who park on the street in their neighborhood will see discussion; at issue is the window of time that vehicle owners have to move their ca…
London Road BP Closes
A convenience store on a high-profile corner in Duluth has closed. According to news reports, the BP at the corner of 21st Avenue East and London Road has shut its doors for the last time.
Duluth Pack Celebrates 135 Years
This month Duluth Pack is celebrating the 135th anniversary of the date that they sent in the application for the patent that locked in the design of Duluth Pack #3; the approval came on December 12, 1882 and the store has been in business ever since.
Cloquet Police Search For Nicole Wick
Officials with the Cloquet Police Department need your help. They have a felony warrant for the arrest of Nicole Wick - in connection with possession of controlled substance charges as well as theft and use of a false name. The authorities would like to complete the arrest warrant.
Duluth’s Can-Of-Worms Intersection Rolls Towards Redesign
You're no-doubt familiar with it and if you've been following the news this past year, you know that it's up for a redesign in the near future. The infamous "Can Of Worms" intersection at I-35 and 21st Avenue west also allows Highway 53 to pass through after it's Blatn…

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