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Superior’s Accelerated Garbage Schedule For Veterans Day
All City of Superior offices and the Public Works Department will be closed on November 10. This closure also affects the Municipal Landfill - which will also be closed to the public. In addition, garbage pickup will not occur on that date and residents are asked to have their dumpster out to the…
Why Are You Washing Your Recyclables?
One of the adages about recycling is that you need to properly wash your items - especially glass, plastic, and tin - or they won't be recyclable at the facility. It turns out that this isn't necessarily so.
St. Louis County Land Auction Adds $745,000 To Budget
Good news for St. Louis County taxpayers: The recent Tax Forfeited Land Auction netted an addition of $745,650 to the bottom line - one of the better results in recent memory. The auction was held on October 12, with 30 out of 78 listed properties selling.
Local Students To Sleep Outside To Spotlight Homelessness
Similar to an event they did the last few years, a group of local students will spend a night out in a cardboard box to help raise awareness of homelessness in our area. Kids from Youth In Action will spend the night outside, November 15 at the Biwabik Pavilion - starting at 5:00 PM.
St. Louis County Offers Online ATV Maps
This is the sort of thing you'll probably want to bookmark for later use - especially since winter is knocking on the door. St. Louis County has introduced improvements to their online map portal which now allow ATV users the ability to know where they can legally drive on roads and trails.
Warrant Resolution Event Happens October 26 At Damiano Center
It's become an annual event and one that serves the needs of a segment of our population. As they have done in years past, officials with the State of Minnesota Judicial system are offering people with outstanding warrants the ability to have them resolved. The event is call a Warrant Resolut…
Event Offers E-Waste Disposal Solution
With the increasing way electronic devices work their way into our lives, it's no wonder that the problem of what to do with them has become such a large issue. When you no longer need those electronic devices or they have stopped working - how can you dispose of them properly?

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