Check Out Highlights From Puppy Bowl IX
In case you forgot, a little something called the Super Bowl went down yesterday. Alicia Keys rocked the National Anthem, Beyonce was as fierce as they come and the commercials were awesome. There's also one very underrated part of Super Bowl Sunday that often goes unnoticed-- the Puppy Bowl!
Wisconsin TV Anchor Stands Up To Bullying Viewer On Camera
Bullying is a serious problem that too often gets overlooked.  Faced with a hurtful email from a viewer, Jennifer Livingston - a LaCrosse, Wisconsin television news anchor - responded to her bully on live television - and helps open the dialogue about this type of harassment.
‘Fame’ Returning to TV, Here Come the ‘Glee’ Comparisons
From just about the minute people heard that NBC was developing an adult musical series about Broadway show-business, ‘Glee‘ comparisons and contrasts flew left and right.  Now that ‘Smash‘ has come and establish itself as a separate entity, will ‘Fame‘ face the same stigma upon returning to TV?  Wi…
Journey to Join Forces with Rascal Flatts on CMT Awards
In their continuing tradition of getting classic rock bands together on stage with country music acts, the latest addition to Country Music Televion’s rock-country mash-up is Rascal Flatts teaming up with ‘Don’t Stop Believin” hit-makers Jo…
10 Signs You’re Hooked on ‘Mad Men’
The TV powerhouse that is AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ has just entered its fifth season. It’s entertaining, smart, honest and completely unafraid to smash social boundaries. Does that sound like a show that would last more than five minutes on network televi…
David Letterman Set to Break Late Night TV Record
CBS’s late night schedule is set for the next couple years. On Monday the network announced that ‘The Late Show’ host David Letterman and ‘The Late, Late Show’ headman Craig Ferguson have both had their contracts renewed through 2014.
When he completes his new contract, Letterman will have been a lat…
Ozzy Osbourne And Family Returning To Television In Animated Series
It’s been a few years since the Osbourne family were a regular presence on America’s television screens, and even longer since we were even remotely interested in anything they had to say. But that hasn’t stopped Sharon Osbourne from continuing her efforts to tarnish her husband’s musical legacy sta…

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