5 Things Often Forgotten Until Thanksgiving Day
You're the chosen one, Thanksgiving will be at your house and besides cleaning you now have to invite, make a list, grocery shop, make sure you have enough plates, make the table festive and umpteen other things to make the day enjoyable (and one up your sister-in-law from last year)...
How Do You Carve Your Turkey, You Might Be Doing It Wrong [VIDEO]
How many times have you cut up a turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas? You are probably doing it wrong and will have better looking meat, and better looking presentation. You will also have more meat to serve, and won't leave behind so much meat. You will also be able to make stock with this way…
How To Safely Deep Fry A Turkey [VIDEO]
I've been deep frying turkeys for a few years now. Yesterday, I was asked to fry up a couple of turkeys for the staff, and we thought we'd take a moment to make a quick video on how to do it.
How To Roast The Perfect Turkey
The perfect turkey is yours to accomplish - it's really not that difficult.  A lot of cooks shy away from roasting turkey because they feel "overwhelmed" by the process.  Let me assure you - it's not difficult, and if you learn from the following tips, you'…

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