Schwan’s Delivers Foods With Cutting Edge Technology
For 60 years, the infamous yellow trucks have helped Schwan's deliver quality frozen foods to customers doorsteps.  Generations have come to depend on Schwan's for everything from frozen meats and vegetables to snacks and ice cream.  Along the way, the Marshall, Minnesota-company…
Duluth Police Makes It Easier To Turn In Crime Tips
The Duluth Police Department is bringing tip-lines into the 21st century with the announcement of a new mobile-phone app:  iWatchDuluth.
Starting today, citizens can report crime information directly to the Duluth Police Department via their computers and smart-phones...
Is The World Ready For The “Digital Handshake”?
We've come to accept the fact that modern technology is taking large chunks of human interaction away from us.  There's email and voice-mail.  Video-conferencing.  Electronic banking. Now, get ready for a digital handshake.
​It's what the world has be…

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