10 Things You Should Never Tweet, EVER
Everyone is in to tweeting what they are doing right now. If you have enough followers like the celebrities, it can be fun. Do we really care about everything you are up to.  I don't care about things big stars are up to, do we really want a picture of you with no make up in the tub?
Is It Healthy to Talk to Yourself?
At some point or another, most of us have caught ourselves speaking out loud to, well, no one. But although you may think talking to yourself makes you look crazy, scientists say it could actually have some real benefits.
A Collection of Amazing Talking Dogs
It turns out some dogs can talk. Of course when they do they sound a lot more like Scooby-Doo than Scrappy-Doo. Inspired by this Valentine's Day collection of pooches telling their owners “I love you,” we’ve found ample YouTube evidence of canines m…