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Facebook To Help Suicidal People
There appears to be an "app" for everything these days and social media is the cause or cure or most everything else.  That's why this story is interesting:  Facebook has announced a program designed to make it easier for people who are expressing thoughts of suicide…
Colleges Research Applicants On Facebook
Those pictures your friend posted to your wall.  The late-night status updates.  If you're a prospective college student, you might want to re-think how you use Facebook.
The number of college admissions officials using Facebook to learn more about an applicant has quadrupled in the pa…
Want A Cup Of Coffee? Use Jonathan’s Card
Cool article about a very  cool guy. Heck, if I get a free cup of coffee, I'll but two for other people.
Need a caffeine boost? Use Jonathan's card. Want to buy a cup of joe for a pal? Or, more likely, someone you've never met? Use Jonathan's card.
Jonathan Stark, a mobile app consultant from Providen…
Google+ Has A ‘Celebrity Acquisition Plan’
I've dr0pped Facebook and joined Google +. It's grown fast, but wants to grow faster. Look out Hollywood here comes Google +
Google would like its new social network to be well-known in Hollywood circles.
To that end, the Internet giant is drawing up a "celebrity acquisition plan" to help pu…