Items Needed To Make A Quick Survival Kit For Your Car
My buddy told me the other day his car quit on a side street and he was thankful it was in town. He didn't have anything in his car or trunk to help him had something gone wrong. Everyone needs one of these and here are some things to have in it, Your Auto Survival Kit.
No April Fool’s Joke – Snow and Messy Roads For April 1
Luckily the threat of a quarter of an inch of ice didn't develop and ice remained somewhat limited on roadways in the Twin Ports, but windy and snowy conditions have developed overnight and will hang around through the day today, leading the National Weather Service to extend their winter weath…
Duluth Surpasses the 100 Inch Mark For Snowfall This Season
Even for winter enthusiasts, this has felt like a worse winter than most. Extreme cold, marked with plenty of snowstorms has made many wish for warmer days and hope for snowbanks to start to shrink. Those snowstorms have pushed us into the record books for this season, hitting a major milestone Thur…

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