What Not To Buy On Black Friday
Black Friday - the official "first day of the Christmas shopping season - is almost here.  Millions of consumers will hit the stores - early - for the supposed chance to clean up on the best prices of the season.
But are they really the best prices?
The Best Ways To Price Match While You Shop
There you are in a store that has 8 of the 9 things on your family list, but one of them isn't on sale like store number 2 across town. You see that store 1 price matches. You over hear someone having problems, here's some things that will help you.
Robotic Mannequins Are Being Used to Spy on Shoppers
If you ever get a creepy feeling that the mannequins in the department store are watching you, you just might be right. Some fashion brands are now using mannequins equipped with technology used to identify criminals at airports to watch shoppers at their stores.

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