JCPenney’s Morale Problem
Earlier this year, JCPenney rolled out their new look and approach to retail sales - with a reduced emphasis on "sales" and "clearance" and more of an up-scale feel to their operations.  It was a direct effort to combat sluggish sales across the board in thei…
Kardashian Touch Turns To Coal For Sears
It seems like everything that the Kardashian family touches turns to gold.  Well, almost.
Sears bet a large portion of their Black Friday and holiday shopping sales on the Kardashian-clans new line of clothes and accessories.  From initial sales reports, that might not have been a good thin…
Sears Employee Wears Boots He Stole From Store To Work
You'd have to think that a man who works at a Sears in Sarasota, Florida was given the boot after he was caught stealing from the store.
The Herald-Tribune reports the unidentified 18-year-old man stole a pair of boots from the store in the DeSoto Square Mall – and then wore them to work.