Grandma’s Marathon Training, How To Protect Your Knees
A lot of times when new runners attempt to save energy on the hills and flap their legs or let the wind get the best of them. This is a good way to have problems with your knees. Here's Carrie Tollefson to help you save your knees and get the training you need.
Fitgers 5k Run Forecast And Traffic Detail
Every year Fitgers 5k runners hope for good weather and their wish isn't always granted. Some years it's been sunny, but cold. Some years it's been a downpour of rain, or sleet, slush and snow. Like Forrest Gump says, the weather is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you&ap…
Northland Winter Running, What Should I Wear? [VIDEO]
Whether you're training for an upcoming Spring or Summer race or your New Year's resolution involves a commitment to exercise more, running during our Northland winters is possible, if you dress properly.  I've learned from experience and this quick video will show you what I wea…

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