Carrots Are The New Trend In Haute Cuisine
Just like neckties, hem-lines, and fashions the food world isn't immune to trends.  It looks like an old favorite is gaining popularity in five-star restaurants as carrots are showing up on more and more plates in some of the trendiest establishments.
How Much Do You Tip? — Survey of the Day
The rules of tipping in restaurants vary among nations and culture. In the United States, 15 percent is considered customary for average service.
However, a new ’60 Minutes’/Vanity Fair Poll 990 American adults has found that a good chunk of diners typically …
Sommeliers Make It Big In The Food And Drink World
Considering a new career field?  Food industry observers might suggest that you get the experience necessary to become a sommelier.
What IS a sommelier you ask?  Most dictionaries describe a sommelier as someone who's job it is to be knowledgeable about wine...
Restaurant Slump May Signal Economic Slowdown
Economists theorize that we've been out of the recession since June 2009.  The recovery has been a slow one at best.  If the recent news from the restaurant world is any signal, we might be in for an even slower recovery.
Restaurant stocks are underperforming the U...
Breakfast Is The Latest Restaurant Fad
If the restaurant industry is anything - it's fickle.  It's also making a great comeback.  On the list of what experts expect to be hot in 2012:  breakfast.
At the moment, the breakfast segment makes up 12% of total restaurant sales – or about $42 billion a year, accord…
Graduates: The Food Industry Needs You
I encountered an article about the rising need for food-related employees in Great Britain, but from what I can surmise, the same need is present here in America.  While it's become "trendy" for people to seek out high-profile jobs like chef's and sommeliers, the bac…
Buffalo Proposes Stiffer Regulations On Food Trucks
Food trucks - as those mobile restaurants-on-wheels are called are the "in" thing.  Perhaps that's why brick-and-mortar restaurant owners in Buffalo, New York are proposing stricter regulations on them.
Food truck operators believe mobile vending regulations proposed by a group of restauran…
Pork Makes Gains In America’s Restaurants
Is "the Other White Meat" on it's way to becoming "thee white meat"?
A recent survey of the nation's restaurants show that pork offerings are up significantly.
Over the past year, menu mentions of pork have increased by 7 percent, according to the foodserv…

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