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Your Friends Make You Yawn

Turns out that yawning IS contagious.  And, it's your friends that might be the leading cause.
lose friends and family are more likely than acquaintances or strangers to catch someone's yawns, a new study finds.
The researchers suggest this yawning contagion is, in part, the result of empathy, in whic…
Dark Chocolate Has Healthful Benefits
Sometimes we ARE what we eat.  ...Or at least, it helps.
In fact, the study shows that chocolate could boost indurence levels by 50%.
As reported last week by the New York Times Well blog, scientists at UCSD fed a group of middle-aged, inactive male mice a twice-daily dose of purified liquid epic…
New Study Ranks Obesity Rates By State
Where you live might play into how much you weigh.  ...At least statistically speaking.
From 2006 through 2008, more than 30 states saw increased rates of obesity. During the following two years, the number of states experiencing increases in obesity rates was in the 20s...