Deep Voiced Men More Attractive To Women
There's a reason Barry White was so successful with his seductive music.  New research shows that women remember men with deeper voices better than those with a higher-pitched tone.
Women are very sensitive to the pitch of a voice and will remember a deep voice above higher tones...
5 Best Things To Do For Your Relationship
Long term relationships are not my expertise, so it's nice for me when experts in the field share their advice. I enjoyed it, hope you do to.
When it comes to love, relationships can be like cars: constant care and adjustment (instead of pricey and painful visits to the body shop/marriage counse…
Why Real Men Like Their Women Bad
A little rough edge is fine, throw in a healthy dose of intimidation, and a touch of attitude and you're golden. What say guys, you up for it?
I’ve always found that a woman who looks like she might cut me if I say the wrong thing adds a level of excitement to a relationship and …