Top 5 Reasons I’m Sick Of This Rain
How many days have we had rain in a row?  I miss the sunshine and the word "ark" actually entered my mind this morning.  As the dog was impatiently barking at the door (he hates getting wet) while I was no where near the door, I started making a list of why I'm sick …
Chris Allen And Sam Revue RAIN: A Tribute To The Beatles
RAIN played the DECC Symphony Hall last night and I was there with my son Sam, who is a huge Beatles fan. On the way to the venue, we played all of our favorite Beatles tunes to get in the mood and brush up on our harmonies. Once the show started we were cast back in time.
Strange Rain App [ Review]
It's become a top-selling entertainment app for the iPad and iPhone and has been featured by Apple in its online store.
But for "Strange Rain," one question remains, even among those who have downloaded and enjoyed the application since it debuted last month.
What exactly is i…