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President Obama’s Former Pastor Continues Tirade
President Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright delivered a sermon just two miles from the White House. The Daily reports that Wright was particularly critical of African-Americans educated in and shaped by white America.
Obama’s Signature: Is It Real Or Is It Autopenned?
I guess there's nothing like getting an autograph in person. I'd ask for his autograph, AND the pen he used to write it with. Hey, you don't ask, you don't get , right?
It's the open secret that nobody in government wants to talk about: That cherished presidential signature that's tucked away in a …
Obama Reelection Campaign Selling Birth Certificate T-Shirts
Barack Obama is cashing in on the birther controversy.
For a donation of $25 or more to the President's reelection campaign, you can get a copy of his much-discussed birth certificate to wear right on your chest.
In an email to supporters, Obama's deputy campaign manager, Julianna Smoot, exp…
Economy Still Anchors Obama’s Approval Rating
Despite sitting in the Oval Office at the time of Osama Bin Ladin's capture and death, Barack Obama isn't seeing the huge bump to his approval rating that his administration was hoping for.
The president’s overall approval rating is at 52 percent in an NBC News poll released late Monday – a gain of t…
Barack Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate
After years of speculation, President Barack Obama silenced critics today by releasing the long form version of his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.
The birth certificate was posted on the White House's official website, with a statement from White House communications director Dan Pf…

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