What Is Flotsam?
While the search continues for the missing Malaysian plane, one word has come back into the news that some people may have never heard before:  Flotsam.
FAA Says Yes To Using Devices On Planes, Flights May Offer Wi-Fi
The Federal Aviation Administration has loosened their rules and have now said travelers on planes can use their devices. Now you can watch videos, play games on your pad and listen to your mp3 player. But don't expect to be chatting on your cell phone. A ban on using cell phones for voice comm…
Female Passenger Gets Naked Mid-Flight
Though flights have a tendency to be boring, passengers on a Delta flight from Chicago to New York were highly entertained last Saturday after a woman stripped naked while en-route.
American F-15 Fighter Jet Down In Libya
An American F-15 fighter jet crashed in Libya, thankfully both pilots ejected safely and were rescued by Libyan rebels.
The plane was discovered by a British journalist who ran into wreck in the middle of a field. See the video of the crash site after the break.