Happy Meals To Get Healthier
They're telling us what to eat and how much of it.
McDonalds announced that they are changing the venerable Happy Meal - adding a serving of fruit or vegatables...and shrinking the size of the fries.
What A U.S. Default Means For You
It's all over the news:  The White House and Congress are at an impasse on what to do with the credit ceiling.  But what happens if we reach August 2nd and there still isn't an agreement.  How does what happens in the Beltway affect you in the Heartland...
Obama Wants To Save You From Junk Food Advertising
Since moving into the Oval Office, President Obama has been vocal that Americans need to stop eating junk food.  Recently, he made moves towards preventing fast food companies from targeting their advertising towards children.
Now it appears that he's facing opposition.
Obama Code-Named ‘Smart Alec’ in Britain
This is funny!! Everybody in an uproar because the code name for President Obama is "Smart Alec". I would love it!! My code name would be Dumb A##. I know it would! A computer picked the name at random and even if some smart alec picked the name "Smart Alec", Obam…