Obamacare To Raise The Price Of Your Papa John’s Pizza
During a conference call with investors,  John Schnatter - founder and CEO of Papa John's Pizza - announced that unless Obamacare is repealed, the company will be forced to pass along a price increase to customers.
At this time, the forecast is for prices to rise up to 20-cents per pizza - …
Obama Is Spying On You
He knows who your mother is - and who she voted for in the last election.  The Obama campaign is mining through the digital world to find out information about you in unprecedented ways, in an effort to win the White House in November.
In a Chicago office, more than 150 people are mining, aggreg…
Catholic Leaders Sue Obama For Religious Freedoms
U.S. Catholic leaders have filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over the expected loss of their religious freedoms - in regards to the health care mandates.  Forty one Catholic organizations - including diocesan-level rank and file to Catholic schools and hospitals - have filed the …

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