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Video Reveals Life Story Of Childhood Friend
When I was a little boy many years ago, I met my first best friend. Robert O'Sullivan was a dark haired skinny kid, I was a chunky blondish kid. I don't know what got us together, I think it was music, or maybe because he lived near me. We had sleep overs like every other little kid and no…
The Worst Music Videos Ever
Nowadays with good video equipment and editing software available to everyone. More and more bands and singers are making their own videos to help gain a YouTube following. These people shouldn't have made a video.
Weird Al Comes Up With Another Gem, Learn Your Grammer
I love Weird Al Yankovic, both when I was a kid and now as an adult, he still makes me laugh. Since, he is visual too, the computer animation works so well for him. He is releasing songs from his new album "Manditory Fun". He says he wants to come up with videos for his whole album…

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