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Dire Straits Members Form The Straits And Announce World Tour
Dire Straits made music history, and great music while they were together. Since that time the band has not been performing. Mark Knopfler has moved on to other things. The rest of the band has been growing weary and wanting to do something. Maybe forge farther in into the future and add to their le…
This Guy Was Supposed To Be In Van Halen, And Turned Them Down
Who is this guy, and why would you ever turn down Van Halen. First, a little history andhow he fits in. Van Halen started with David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, Alex Van Halen, and Eddie Van Halen. Once the band finished 1984 with the huge hit "Jump", David Lee Roth quit, or was Fir…
Depot Rings In The New Year With Mynx
You could enjoy MYNX on the first floor, dance to your instant requests with Doug of EPIC Dj Services, or tour the Trains with no one but you and your date. It was a great time at the Depot and MYNX never sounded better.

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