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‘The Naked Gun’ Returns With Ed Helms in the Lead
Ed Helms is slowly but surely turning into the face of rebooted films from the '80s. The 'Hangover' star has already signed up to lead a new reboot of 'National Lampoon's Vacation,' and now he's decided to step into the shoes of the late Leslie Nielsen to headline a 'Naked Gun' reboot for Paramount.
Resist The Power Of Advertising At Movies, Do This Simple Thing
You go to the movies and you see a movie trailer and it makes you want to go see the flick. Or they show someone eating a hot dog, drinking a soda, hot butter over popcorn, a slushee, you want it all and you get up and purchase those items.How do you resist the power of suggestion those pictures hav…
Bono’s Daughter Stars in Acclaimed New Movie
There's lots of buzz over the movie 'Enough Said' right now -- partly because it stars the late James Gandolfini in his last big role. And partly because of who plays his daughter -- Eve Hewson, whose real-life father is even more famous: Bono.
Michael B. Jordan to Star in ‘Rocky’ Spinoff ‘Creed’
The 'Rocky' franchise had its fair share of ups and downs over the course of six great-to-awful films, but 2006's 'Rocky Balboa' seemed to definitively close the door on the story of Sylvester Stallone's good-natured boxer. However, it turns out that the saga isn't over quite yet!
A spinoff titled 'C…

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