Sunday Restaurant Promotion Angers Atheists
A Pennsylvania restaurant has found itself at the receiving end of a lawsuit over it's Sunday dining promotion.  As advertised, customers who bring in a church bulletin get a ten-percent discount off their meal.  As a result, an Athiest man has filed a lawsuit charging discrimination.…
Kashi Cereal At The Center Of Natural-Foods Boycott
Just how "natural" is "natural"?  The Kellogg-company is about to find out with  their Kashi-brands of cereal.
Kellogg's is facing anger on social media sites because of complaints that its popular Kashi brand of cold cereals doesn't live up to …
Domino’s Pizza Tells Customers “No!”
Go ahead - order that Domino's Pizza any way you want it.  Extra pepperoni?  No problem.  Extra cheese?  Sure.  Hold the onions?  You bet.  Just don't tamper with their specialty pizzas.
The pizza delivery company on Thursday will launch a TV ad campaign t…
Starbucks To Roll Out Beer And Wine
"I'll have a double strong latte, an espresso, and a pale ale".  What?!
It looks like Starbucks is getting ready to roll out wine and beer offerings as a means to boost sales.
The Seattle-based coffee giant has been testing a more community-oriented store concept to boost t…
Coca Cola Switching White Cans Back To Red
Well,that didn't last long.  To show their holiday/winter spirit - and raise money for Arctic Polar Bears, the Coca Cola company changed the color of regular Coke cans to white last month.  Apparently consumers weren't amused.
The Coca-Cola Co...
Soft Drink Manufacturers Market To Children
A recent research study focused on the marketing tactics of the soft drink industry.  The data demonstrated how the beverage companies focus their marketing on children.
The Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale found that from 2006 to 2008, the number of advertisements children and te…

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