Are Idols And Heroes Dead Or Are They Floating Among Us
As I was watching a hockey game the other night I was missing my hero Wayne Gretzky. He was always a gentleman, always a competitor, always an ambassador for the game. I felt for a while, that when he left hockey went to crap, and so did most other sports.
One-Armed War Vet Wows Crowd by Catching Foul Ball [VIDEO]
“I thought I was going to catch the ball or go over the railing,” said Michael Kacer of the foul ball he caught at Yankee Stadium Friday.
The 29-year old vet had lost his left arm in Afghanistan, so he had nothing to brace himself with when he used his baseball cap as a gl…
Rookie Lineman Becomes Hero To Kayakers
I love stories about good people. All we hear about NFL players is the money, the greed, the guys that fail drug tests and so on. Here's this Rookie Lineman who didn't wait for help to come and resued some kayakers and became a hero.