4 Things About The Halloween Movie Series That Are Baffling
The year the original Halloween movie came out was 1978.  I was in the 8th grade and had friends a bit older that had just gotten their drivers license, so with Brian Shanda behind the wheel we headed to Superior to take in a haunted house (the William A. Irvin wasn't anchored in the canal…
Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween
Halloween can be a very stressful time on your pet, even if they are the easy going sociable type. All the noises outside, strangers continually at the door, and extra excitement going on inside the house too.
10 Halloween Movies for People Who Hate Scary Movies
It’s easy to find Halloween movies. A cursory Google-search yields a slew of time-honored terror, vetted by thousands of critics and fans. But for those weak-stomached folks who avoid horror flicks at all costs, this bounty of murder porn, slasher flicks, and Romero rip-offs are highway to ba…
Black Licorice Can Be Harmful To Your Health
You either love it or hate it;  It seems that everyone has an opinion on black licorice.  Apparently so does the Food and Drug Administration;  Just in time for candy season, they're warning people not to eat too much of it.

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