Remember When You Had To Share A Bathroom Cup? Ewwwww
Years ago it was not uncommon to see a toothbrush holder in the bathroom with the family's toothbrush standing at attention around one cup that everyone would use when they wanted a drink of water or to rinse their mouth when brushing their teeth.  Plain and simple, that. is. gross.  …
Guess What The Filthiest Surface In A Restaurant Is
Last week I posted on the filthiest item in the average  household. Today it's the filthiest surface in a restaurant. When I lived in New England, I was on the Board Of Health, and I learned a lot from that experience.
What Has More Germs Than A Toilet Seat?
Who is the official TSC (toilet seat checker) in your neighborhood? My TSC is  Bubba. You know the type, picks his teeth when he talks to you, looks at it, then eats it again. Maybe you know his brother Sniffer? Sniffer works down at the waste treatment plant. Bubba and Sniffer...I think they both w…