City of Superior Offers Free Landfill Day On April 26
Now that winter is finally making way for spring, you're probably in the midst of some cleanup activities.  As in past years, the City of Superior is making things easier with free landfill days at the site on Moccasin Mike Road - on Saturday, April 26.
What Is Flotsam?
While the search continues for the missing Malaysian plane, one word has come back into the news that some people may have never heard before:  Flotsam.
Tsunami Debris Adds To Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Pop cans and candy wrappers.  Plastic bottles and plastic bags.  Rope.  Propane tanks.
The stuff that gets thrown away and ends up in the Pacific Ocean never really goes away - it just ends up collecting in a giant "swirl of garbage" that's called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Currents …
Food Waste: To Recycle Or Not
It's astounding to think of how much of the food a single person or family buys actually gets thrown away as waste.  Case in point froma post-Thanksgiving blog I stumbled across:
As Americans across the country prep their 20-pound Butterballs for the annual gorge fest of Thanksgiving, I had…
The World’s Filthiest Places
I was once at a huge landfill in New Jersey. It was so bad it was scary. Take a minute and look at these pictures. Amazing how people can live like this.
It’s easy to take for granted the relative cleanliness of your surroundings when it’s all you know, and it’s safe to say that most of the people r…