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Kroger Recalls Bagged Spinach Due To Listeria
More Listeria concerns have caused Kroger to recall their bagged spinach products.   The products in question were sold in 15 states - none of which include Minnesota or Wisconsin at this time.  However, Michigan stores are included.
Lead Scare Causes Recall Of Red Vines Black Licorice
High levels of lead have caused the recall of Red Vines black licorice products.  American Licorice Company - the manufacturer of the Red Vines brand has begun  the voluntary recall for their product sold in one-pound bags.
Specifically, the licorice in question includes the words "…
Microwave Popcorn Ingredient A Respiratory Hazard For Workers
A new research study that was recently released shows a correlation between an ingredient in the butter-flavoring in microwave popcorn and respiratory ailments.
The ingredient 2,3-pentanedione (PD), used to impart the flavor and aroma of butter in microwave popcorn, is a respiratory hazard that can a…
The Changing Business Model Of Greek Yogurt
For a product category that wasn't even around a year and a half ago, Greek-style yogurt has run away with the dairy case in most grocery stores.  It seems like everyone has jumped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon.  Now, it appears that the craze has moved to yogurt bars...
Endless Drought Means Rising Prices At The Grocery Store
Shoppers looking for relief at the grocery store check out lane will have to keep watching the weather forecast.  The historically-dry conditions in the Midwest are setting the food industry up for non-stop, record-setting high prices.
Experts say that over 60-percent of the nation's farmla…
Olive Garden’s Parent Company Buys Competing Chain
Following what appeared to be a bleak business year for Darden Restaurants - the parent-company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster, things seem to be looking up.  Darden Restaurants announced the agreement to purchase the Yard House chain for $585 million dollars in cash...

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