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When Is The New Lucky’s 13 Pub Opening In Duluth? [VIDEO]
When a new restaurant opens in the Twin Ports there is always a high level of excitement.  It didn't take long for another restaurant to open where Old Country Buffet had been.  It's called Lucky's 13 Pub and the menu is huge, just like the portions, according to General Man…
Would You Eat A Deep-Fried Full Christmas Dinner?
Imagine everything you normally eat for Christmas dinner — turkey, sausages, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, pudding (!)…everything. Now imagine all of it coated in batter and deep-fried until crispy on the outside. Yes, someone does that...
Pepsi Releases A Fat Blocking Cola
It's called Pepsi Special, the new cola that says it tastes like regular Pepsi, but it has an added ingredient called dextrin, a natural water-soluble dietary fiber derived from potatoes.
Stuff Your O-Face With ‘Adults Only’ Marshmallows
Kraft is generally considered to be a family-friendly brand that errs on the side of being tame (read: lame), but the food and beverage conglomerate has turned that approach upside down down under with this Australian TV spot featuring what appear to be naked bodies and a line worker calling ou…

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