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Fast Food CEO’s Really Eat Their Own Food
Millions of people worldwide eat the food that the fast food chains offer up on a daily basis. Restaurants like Burger King, Hardees, Wendy's, Arby's, Taco John's, etc have become part of the American lexicon.
How 'bout the CEO's that run those companies...
Faltering Economy Brings Deals To Fast Food Chains
One good result of the forever-failing economy:  Even-cheaper eats at your favorite fast food restaurant.
It's not because the fast-food behemoths want to go so low. It's because they have to. After some improvement late last year and earlier this year, the $236 billion fast-food indus…
Wendy’s Changes Their Burger Recipe To Boost Sales
With sales lagging, Wendy's decided to revamp their burger recipe to challenge the competition.  As the building Food Critic - (okay, they call me a "food snob", but I prefer critic) - I was interested in the fact that they changed their onions from white to red and their…
Obama Says No French Fries For You; Olive Garden Agrees
You know - you work hard.  You go to a restaurant.  "Order anything you want".  Sure - why not;  You're paying for it - right?
Not at Olive Garden.
Following the edict handed down from the Obama administration, the Olive Garden has become the first restaurant…

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