What’s the Real Story Behind Men Wearing Ties?
Despite what many a working stiff might think, men do not wear neckties to facilitate strangulation when their bosses are less than pleased with their work.
So, why do men wear this variable, often quite fashionable, and utterly useless piece of business attire?
Feathers In Your Hair A New Fashion Flair
It's kinda cool in a way, especially for people with long hair. Tyler can pull it off no problem but I wonder what Jagger would think...or better yet Keith..
In an extension of the extensions craze, women — and a few intrepid men — are trimming their tresses with tinsel, crystals, ch…
To Tuck Or Not To Tuck: Fashion Advice For Men
I'm of the belief that we have allowed the ideals of the "proper dress code" to erode to the point that the majority of American's dress like slobs.  There.  I said it.  This is especially true for American men.
That's why this article at caught my eye.…
20 Spring Flats and Flatforms You Need Now
Hey Girls, Spring is right around the corner, lets get an idea of whats hot in footwear this season. I really loved the Missoni Woven Espadrille Flats, and totally flipped over the Derek Lam Flatform. Getting ideas is fun and exciting. I can hardly wait till we go shopping...