Grandma’s Marathon 2014 By the Numbers
Grandma's Marathon is a huge undertaking, as thousands of volunteers and workers welcome thousands of runners and spectators from around the world to Duluth. Check out these impressive facts and figures about the 38th annual running of this event.
10 Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving
The famous pilgrim celebration at Plymouth Colony Massachusetts in 1621 is traditionally regarded as the first American Thanksgiving. However, there are actually 12 claims to where the “first” Thanksgiving took place: two in Texas, two in Florida, one in Maine…
How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?
I've seen specials on the tube like this before, usually interesting, and not for the faint of heart. A journey into the macabre.
How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?” is a creepy documentary program aired by CNBC and BBC that explores the wide-spread illegal activity the United States associated with h…
Top Five “Little Known Facts” About Duluth
Incorporated in 1857, Duluth is the fourth largest city in Minnesota. Along with shipping, tourism is one of the major industries. Whether you live in Duluth...visit Duluth....or just love Duluth, here are some "little known facts" about one-half of the Twin Ports...
The Horse [VIDEO]
How do you have a # 2 song in the Top 40, and never sing or play an instrument on it? Here’s the story.