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Eric Clapton, ‘Old Sock’ – Album Review
There comes a point in most artists’ careers where they just don’t care about making records anymore. Or at least they don’t care about making records that their fans want to hear. They tour sporadically, playing the old songs to pay the bills. And they release new albums every five years or so beca…
Eric Clapton Streaming Entire ‘Old Sock’ Album
Fans can now hear Eric Clapton's upcoming studio album in its entirety, one week before it's set to hit stores and digital retailers. 'Old Sock' will feature 10 covers and two originals when it's available on March 12. It's Clapton's 21st studio album.
Eric Clapton to Jam With Rolling Stones
Folks who shelled out their life savings to attend the Rolling Stones' first concert in London on Sunday (Nov. 25) may have had an incredible time, but they're about to start complaining. Word is that Eric Clapton will be sitting in with the group for tomorrow night's show.
Eric Clapton 2013 Tour Dates Announced
It's not even December, but already Eric Clapton is looking ahead to 2013. Today (Nov. 19) the legendary guitarist announced a U.S. tour comprising mostly of dates in the South and Southwest. A full list of 2013 tour dates is listed below.
Eric Clapton, ‘Looking at the Rain’ – Song Review
We're coming up on the Dec. 18 release date of the 35th Anniversary Edition of Eric Clapton's 1977 album, 'Slowhand.' There are five configurations to choose from, depending on how much you love the album; however, all of them feature four previously unreleased songs. One of them…

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