eddie van halen

Van Halen Working on New Songs
All signs point not just to a full recovery and return to the road for Eddie Van Halen, but some forthcoming new music, as well. The guitarist, who was sidelined by a nasty case of diverticulitis last year, has posted a photo to Facebook of himself in the studio.
Eddie Van Halen Undergoes Emergency Surgery
Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen is reportedly doing well after undergoing emergency surgery for diverticulitis. According to the band’s official Facebook page, the guitar great was suffering from a severe bout of the condition and underwent surgery to alleviate the pain.
The Youngest Rock Star Ever
An article in the new Esquire magazine interviews Eddie Van Halen and Wolfgang or "Wolf" as he is now called. He talks about the first time he started recording with Van Halen. The part that surprised me is, here you are....a kid, and you are jamming with one of the best bands in t…

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