Food Industry Looking For Sizzle
Even though we live in an era where chefs and cooking shows are elevated to mountainous plateaus and people have installed enough granite and stainless steel in their kitchens to dwindle our natural resources, the food industry is facing tough times...
Burger King’s “King” Loses His Job
The economy's so tough that even Burger King's mascot is getting a pink slip.
As part of a plan to reinvent itself over the next year, fast-food chain Burger King is about to dethrone its creepy King character.
The struggling burger chain is planning to ditch the odd character who has starred in its r…
Angry Mom Hires Plane to Fly Nasty Message Over Wall Street
At lunchtime on Tuesday, New Yorkers in Lower Manhattan were treated to an unusual sight — a small plane buzzing by the Standard and Poor’s building, towing a banner that read, “Thanks For The Downgrade: You Should All Be Fired.”
Commissioned by St. Louis banker and single mother Lucy Nobbe, who paid…
Poll: 44% of Americans Worse Off Under Obama
I'm not sure it's accurate to say we're worse off than we were two years ago. It is frustrating we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel though.
Two years after the official start of the recovery, the American people remain pessimistic about their current economic cir…
The Rising Cost Of Eating Out
As a generalization, restaurant prices have remained flat for the last few years.  As a tool to entice recession-battered U.S. consumers into their establishments, restaurant owners used lower prices to their benefit.
Now as the economy rebounds, things are changing...
Coffee Prices Expected To Skyrocket
Not that they haven't already been on the rise - but - you'd better hang on to your wallet for your future morning fix:  Coffee prices now face a possible 40-percent increase as Brazil deals with frost.
Top Stocks- MSN Money.
U.S. Taxpayers Get More Than They Pay For
With the tax deadline here and gone, a new study highlights the fact that U.S. taxpayers receive more from the government than they pay in.
For the first time since the Great Depression, households are receiving more income from the government than they are paying the government in taxes...
You’d Better Hurry To Catch The Gold Rush
If you were holding out for the maximum price before you sold off your old rings and chains to the jeweler, you might want to do it now;  Gold prices have started to slip for the first time in a few years.
Food Prices Continue To Rise
Better keep bringing extra cash to the grocery store.  The American Farm Bureau's latest survey shows that prices aren't expected to yield any time soon.
If you're keeping track at home, the survey shows prices increased the most for in staples that most American kitchens use rout…