Q and A Buffet #3 Fall Food, What Do You Make In The Fall
It's Fall, now we start to eat the fatty foods or foods that may be a little less healthy than what we would eat in the winter....hey, we have to hibernate!! This edition is finally sponsored....yea!! So wait till you see what Farley's is cooking for us. Send us your recipes, or questions.
Michelle Obama Wins A Food Award
Apparently someone is paying attention to the "eat what I say - not as I do" campaign;  First Lady Michelle Obama was recently awarded one of the inaugural James Beard Leadership Awards.
These awards were handed out to activists, educators and business leaders who help create a…
9 Strange But True Health Tips
I love these home methods of doing things. These are different. These aren't secret methods of curing cancer, these are everyday tricks.
Break a High Fever With Your Armpits
Anything up to 102°F is mild and can be treated by drinking plenty of fluids...