Lake Superior Zoo Welcomes Baby Lemur To The Family
It's a boy?  It's a girl?  The crew at the Lake Superior Zoo won't know for a while yet - but they're proud to welcome a new baby lemur to the family!  The newest member of the animals at the zoo was born in April and is now on exhibit.
Duluth’s Rip Tide Program Starts June 1
On the surface, Lake Superior is just another body of water - much like the rest of the lakes in the region.  But users of the the largest freshwater lake in the world - swimmers and boaters - know that this isn't necessarily the case.  Due to its size and its geographic features, Lak…
The Northland Celebrates Bob Dylan With Events This Week
Bob Dylan celebrated his 76th birthday on Wednesday, May 24. Since he was born in the Northland a full week of festivities have been planned for fans with the Duluth Dylan Fest.  There is extra celebration this year because of his most recent accolade of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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