Cute Dog Absolutely Stinks at Catching Treats
Here's a pooch that needs some serious work on his catching skills.
Her owner is trying to teach her how to catch. It looked like they had a way to go before we finally see all the hard work and practice pay off.
Now, on to Frisbees.
This Animal Allies Pet Of The Week Is Frisky, Really
Steph sent me the latest Pet of The Week, and this one is Frisky, literally!!Just a quick note, Animal Allies is trying to raise $50,000 before May 11, if they do it, Amzoil will donate $5000. Also, they are looking for Cat stuff. A list is posted at animal
Take This Pet Home, Animal Allies Pet Of The Week
Sarah talked today about Cinamon Bun, He is a very friendly guy who loves to take a ride on your shoulder. Cinnamon Roll is very affectionate and gets excited easily. He would love to be pet or curl up next to you on the couch to watch T.V. Wherever you go he will gladly follow. Cinnamon Roll is neu…

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